Shri Shyam B.V.V. College Anandpuri, Banswara
Affiliated to Mohanlal Sukhadia University,Udaipur
About Organization

Shri Shyam BVV College is a degree college, provides four year integrated courses (B.A. - B.Ed. & B.Sc. - B.Ed), Affiliated with Mohanlal Sukhadia University,Udaipur.

Excellence in academics is the hallmark of the institution. The students are provided with ample opportunities to improve their organisational skills and group dynamics. Hard work with strong determination is the only secret of success. The persistence of the dedicated faculty in preserving the standards is manifest in its success . . .

The  College have been undergoing remarkable changes, leaving behind old and out-dated traditional methods of teaching that hinder the over-all development of a child. Such out-dated methods only serve as hurdles in the improvement of skills, talents, intelligence, and confidence and deter the spirit of competition in a child, which are so essential to become a successful human being in the society and eventually become a worthy citizen of the country! The new techniques adopted in the teaching-learning process have proved fruitful and beneficial to students and teachers alike! The freedom of thought and free environment is thus nourishing their inner knowledge simultaneously